Truck driver jobs growing

The number of truck driver jobs seems to grow exponentially every month, according to many results and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Many companies are looking for experienced drivers, but because of the driver shortage, some are looking to overlook this.

A new report by the American Trucking Associations supports that expectation. According to the report, most carriers surveyed said they cannot find enough experienced drivers to fill demand. Although 56 percent of fleets interviewed by the ATA said they do not hire inexperienced truck drivers, they are now considering it.

Efforts to reduce the number of accidents caused by fatigued drivers prompted the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to revise its hours-of-service (HOS) safety requirements for commercial truck drivers and imposed stiff penalties for violators.

Commercial drivers and companies must comply with the new rule by July 1, 2013. State officials are already cracking down on HOS violators. Improved coordination of inspection sites is helping to facilitate that crackdown.

Right now companies really need truck drivers. Freight is stacking up or is getting to its final destination late.

“Right now we are having to hire third party drivers, contract drivers, to come in and carry what we can’t. We currently have sixty-three full time drivers and a small amount of part time drivers but we would love to have between fifteen and twenty more by the end of the year. It’s basically because we have a lot of volume in a warehouse, and we’ve got to transport that. We’ve got to get that out, and we need people to do it,” said LaRanda Parnacher, a human resources administrative assistant with DOT Foods told in an article.