Truck driver jobs getting a boost from school

One school is assisting drivers in securing truck driver jobs.

Diesel Truck Drivers Training School now offers a series of financial assistance options for prospective students. The school offers a total of seven avenues that students can pursue for help in financing their studies.

The school has its own in-house financing program designed to provide easy access to funds for tuition, licensing fees and lodging during the duration of the course. Interested applicants can submit the required form online at The process is simple and fast and approval can take less than 24 hours.

Students may also be eligible for assistance via State or Federal grants. Diesel Truck Driver Training School is certified as an eligible training provider in many states under the Workforce Investment Act. Dislocated workers may also apply for funding under the same Act. Workers who have lost their jobs due to foreign trade or competition may qualify for funding through the Trade Adjustment Act.

Prospective students who are members of State or private Vocational Rehabilitation programs may also receive funding to train at the school. Native American students can receive assistance through their tribal council or the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Finally, the school is approved for training eligible veterans under the G.I. Bill, V.E.A.P. and other benefit programs.

Diesel Truck Drivers Training School has been training commercial truck drivers since 1963, offering both Basic and Complete Commercial Driver’s License training courses. The school aims to prepare students for entry level jobs in the trucking industry. Classes are offered in two week and four week schedules as well as weekend classes over a six week period.

The trucking industry employs nearly 9 million people in the United States, including 3.5 million truck drivers.