Training co. creates truck driver jobs

As always, job creation is a huge priority in this country, and one company is doing its best to create truck driver jobs.

Breaking into the trucking industry can be difficult today. While truck driving jobs exist, many aspiring truckers simply cannot afford the necessary training, permits and licensing requirements, keeping willing drivers unemployed. Driver Solutions’ company-sponsored CDL training program ( circumvents the roadblocks that commonly prevent so many from pursuing truck-driving careers by partnering would-be truck drivers with sponsored training in exchange for a job and getting more people back to work. In fact, Driver Solutions has helped over 20,000 people obtain and afford the key hiring requirements in addition to helping them qualify for solid employment opportunities in the field.

“Driver Solutions teams up with the best trucking companies around and offers a program that enables potential truck drivers to get all the schooling, and licensing they need, plus we match them with entry-level jobs so they are qualified to start their careers immediately,” says Mark Kinsel, Driving Solutions’ president. “The trucking company pays all CDL training tuition upfront, and, in exchange, the new hires agree to work with that company for a 12 month period. In effect, the trainees are sponsored by the trucking company and are then motivated to succeed in becoming safe, licensed drivers. It’s a win-win for all.”

Getting started with Driver Solutions is easy; thanks to a simple, step-by-step process that leads applicants through registration, training, testing, licensing and job orientation. Of note, with the worker-sponsored CDL training, applicants don’t need to bother with completing student loan applications, finding a co-signer to pay for truck driving school costs or putting up a large tuition down-payment. It’s a hassle-free experience for aspiring truckers, and what’s more, trucking companies get that crucial peace-of-mind that comes with on-boarding a committed, conscientious hire.

“Particularly in light of the strengthened federal regulations on highway safety, our trucking-industry partners are looking to us to deliver safe, reliable truck drivers,” Kinsel says. “