SocialTruck launches for those with truck driver jobs

A new platform has launched to enable those with truck driver jobs to connect.

SocialTruck is a new platform for truck drivers. It was created by dispatchers for truck drivers, dispatchers, and logistics companies to share their pictures, videos, knowledge, and experiences with other industry professionals to create a safer supply chain.

The founders of Socialtruck currently work as fleet managers for global logistics company’s nation wide and have now created this tool to increase supply chain productivity while decreasing rollovers and accidents to better the industry.

According to the website, when a truck driver has not been to a location previously is when rollovers and accidents happen, 9 out of 10 times. The driver using Socialtruck would contact experienced drivers about the drops while prior planning their trip. Details the driver would want to know from the experienced drivers range from; the shortcuts, to what stop lights to be mindful of, who works at the shipping docks. Before Socialtruck the driver would contact their dispatcher for advice on these matters. “Nobody knows the nations truck stops and locations better than the truck drivers that have been there previously apparently,” Co-founder Steve McGarry states.