ShipRightNow recruits for truck driver jobs

ShipRightNow is a newly established company that employs people for truck driver jobs.

“People moving often find themselves in a jam when it comes to locating an affordable and experienced transportation company. Everyone knows to use UPS, FedEx, or the USPS to ship small packages, but when it comes to shipping larger items like furniture, where do you go? And how do you make sure you’re getting the best price?”

Weaver recently launched his online company to address this problem. connects consumers with independent carriers–“independent owner/operator truck drivers who have the leeway to set their own prices.

“My company helps to keep shipping prices lower for the consumer by allowing shippers to anonymously list their jobs and have different carriers bid on the job. The shipper can get all the information they need from each carrier and then make a selection based on the best prices and overall service.”

Carriers benefit by being able to fill empty cargo space with freight that needs to be delivered along their scheduled route. “Using to find loads along your route saves truckers from experiencing empty miles. If the delivery is along a route they’re already running, they can afford to bid it out for lower than a big freight company would charge and still make a profit.” is also a profit enhancer for auction houses, car dealerships, and other small businesses that ship large freight on an irregular basis. Companies like these may not qualify for rate discounts with large freight companies like FedEx or UPS because of their irregular shipping patterns. Because of this, many of these companies turn to shipping brokers to find the best shipping deals.

“The problem with brokers,” Weaver says, “is that most of them are on a commission. It’s not in their best interest to get the lowest shipping fee because that makes their commission lower.”

“Using, carriers are dealing with you directly and they know to win the job they need to make sure you get a reasonable, affordable shipping rate. It’s a win-win system for everyone.”