Jasper Contractors recruiting for truck driver jobs

Jasper Contractors, a national roofing and HVAC company headquartered in Baton Rouge, La., is hiring for truck driver jobs.

The company announced earlier this month it will bring more than 100 new jobs to St. Louis. They are looking to recruit management, outside sales, office staff, warehouse and CDL drivers. Pay varies by position and ranges from hourly rates to base salaries with commissions and bonuses that can exceed $150,000 annually.

Jasper provides 100% paid medical coverage to all employees and their dependents, the company said.

Jasper currently has offices in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Evansville, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Dallas/Ft. Worth. The St. Louis expansion will be the 12th city and the third expansion in 2012.