Halliburton hiring for truck driver jobs

Oil field giant Halliburton said this week it is recruiting for many truck driver jobs in San Antonio, among other positions.

Halliburton said it it will hire 1500 people for a variety of positions, including administrators, managers, technicians, engineers, chemists, geologists and engineering jobs in San Antonio.

The jobs will pay an average of $70,000 per year.

Halliburton just broke ground on a $50 million base of operations in San Antonio.

The base will be filled with hundreds of employees going forward.

The company said it plans to fill 75 percent, or more than 1,100 positions, by hiring locally.

Halliburton told San Antonio city officials that it planned on creating the 400,000-sq-foot facility back in August.

Plans have apparently moved rapidly and are already to the hiring stage.

The structure will be completed in 2013.