Driving school for driver jobs opens

A new driving school for driver jobs has been launched.

Maverick Transportation LLC, a National Transportation Institute 2018 Top Pay Carrier and also named 2018 Best Fleets to Drive For, recently announced the opening of its new driving school, Maverick Driving Academy.

The school, which is located on the company’s North Little Rock campus, held its first class in December.

“One of the biggest challenges that trucking companies face today is attracting new drivers to the industry,” said John Culp, president of Maverick Transportation. “We have been successfully training drivers for many years and are excited to announce the addition of CDL education to our curriculum. Maverick Driving Academy will offer a seamless path to employment at Maverick, for those seeking a new career as a professional truck driver.”

The company opened up its first training facility in North Little Rock in 2005 where it has provided drivers with industry-leading training and securement curriculum.

Maverick’s new driving school will be an expansion to the company’s existing programs. Here, students will receive the necessary CDL education and training to become professional drivers.

“Our new school is a way to add to the driver education that has already been a vital part of our growth and success over the years,” said Culp. “We are committed to growing our company ‘The Maverick Way’ and we’re looking forward to having these new drivers walk through our doors.”