Diesel School Preps Students for Truck Driver Jobs

Diesel Truck Driving School is offering a new service all while prepping students for truck driver jobs.

Diesel Truck Driver Training School now offers a Career Services Department to help their students find a job in the truck driving industry. The goal of the department is to give students the resources, training and assistance they need to find employment in their chosen industry upon graduation.

This assistance begins during the first week of training at the school. New students sit down with the National Career Services Coordinator to discuss their career goals, areas of interest within the trucking industry and the region of the country in which they will be seeking employment.

Students come away from the meeting with a portfolio of documentation regarding their training and a list of companies hiring in their region. The Career Services Coordinator is available to students for further consultations while the course is in operation. After graduation, the Coordinator follows up with students to provide additional assistance if needed.

Another component of the career counseling process is the ‘soft skills’ training that guides students in the art of successfully interviewing for a job. This includes items such as networking techniques, interview tips, and information on applying for employment and resume building.

The final aspect of the Career Services Department’s job search assistance is the Job Leads Database. Diesel Truck Driver Training School offers its students access to contact information for thousands of potential employers. The list is searchable by state, city or zip code and gives students a head start in their search for a new career.

Truck driving jobs are on the rise in the United States as the company continues to recover from the deep recession of 2008. According to preliminary Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers, payroll trucking employment has added 8,800 jobs since March. This figure does not include data for truck owner/operators who are classified as a small business.

Truck Driving School offers new classes beginning every two weeks throughout the year. The next classes begin January 3, 2011. To fill out an online application, go to http://www.truck-school.com/.