Dept. of Workforce Services partners with association to create truck driver jobs

According to a recent article, the Department of Workforce Services is partnering with the Arkansas Trucking Association and ASU-Newport to provide job seekers with truck driver jobs.

Approximately 300 drivers are needed at four Arkansas companies: Stallion Transportation Group, Tyson Foods, Willis Shaw Express and Maverick USA.

The Director of Driver Training for Maverick told, “The lifestyle of a truck driver is very unique to probably any other career in the us because of the amount of responsibility we have. The average professional truck driver makes 160 decisions going down the road and not a lot of people realize that and that’s per mile.”

At the truck driving program, everything is paid for, including tuition and training expenses, except for commercial driver license test packet and licensing fee.

After potential drivers take the test they are well on their way to a great career in truck driving.

Maverick said they usually have their truckers home every five days to make life a little easier.

New grads are expected to make at least $35,000 their first year.

Maverick said, “We definitely are looking for anybody that’s willing to do this.