Demand for Trucker Jobs Rises

Demand for freight has surged, so trucker jobs are opening up across the nation.

The industry has been plagued with two years of setbacks and layoffs. But local trucking companies are spreading the word that they need drivers now.

One CEO told a journalist for BizJournals that he needs 25 drivers today.

The surge in freight is not being handled properly, because there simply aren’t enough drivers on the road to carry, transport, and distribute the freight. The lack of drivers could become critical as freight just sits in warehouses and expires.

A shortage of drivers means a shortage of trucks.

Another trucking concern is the fact that truckers aren’t getting the proper nutrition intake while on the road. Many truckers complain of obesity and are alreayd exhibiting deadly signs of heart disease, diabetes, and poor circulation from being on the road so many hours and developing bad eating habits.

At truck stops around the country, many truckers gorge on high-fatty foods, including sugary desserts and sodas. The rush of carbs keeps them fresh for the right, but ultimately harms their health significantly.

Some doctors are setting up mini-offices at various truck stops to encourage truckers to get their heart, weight, and general health checked and to discuss how to eat better when you’re stationary on the road 14, 15