Dealership to provide thousands of truck driver jobs

American Truck Group, a dealership, said in a blog post that it is positioning itself to create thousands of truck driver jobs.

According to Louis Normand, owner of the American Truck Group, ATG’s expansion is set to provide new work for as many as 8000 drivers and industry workers. Driver jobs alone could number in excess of 1400 as regulations, limiting daily driving hours, likely means two driver jobs for each new rig. Add in more shifts at distribution centers, more warehouse workers, more bookkeepers, more mechanics and soon you arrive at what Normand refers to as, “the jobs trickle-up effect.”

According to the blog, the logistics of operating this growing fleet are many but manageable with the right infrastructure in place. You need ultra-modern service facilities, partner facilities and highly trained technicians to keep the massive highway gobbling machine working. “When the truck stops the buck stops,” says Normand. “For all of us.”

When asked what ATG’s greatest obstacle now is to fleet expansion, Normand points again to tight money policies. “Someone still has to own the truck. Our business model just doesn’t fit the typical commercial loan profile.” So far, this has not deterred ATG from its plans to expand. Having, for years, patched together a commercial lines of credit and loans from private lenders, ATG is prepared to expand at a rate the money supply dictates.

Says Normand, “since we built our new facility and announced plans to expand, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by current lenders who have come forward to tell us they want to own more trucks.” Says one truck note owner, “I’ve been waiting for an excuse to pull more money out of stocks and put it into notes collateralized by real property, rental income and a growing demand.” Normand says, “at any given time, there’s a backlog of 200 drivers waiting to take delivery of their new job – their truck.”